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2 Windsor Avenue,
Mount Waverley, VIC, 3149.
Melways Map 61, A 12
(Opposite Jordanville Station)

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More Information about Waverley Woodworkers Inc

The Club contributes to the Monash community by participation in events such as Arts and Craft displays, cultural festivals, Australia Day activities and Library displays. The Club also donates toys and create items for the community. Examples are: the grandfather clock currently in Monash Council’s Mayor’s office; preschool furniture and repair/restoration of Monash residents’ family heirlooms.

he club has a full range of machines as a well as a comprehensive range of hand tools. There is an active program to refresh tired machines as well as adding new machines with funds raised by members.

The Club promotes diversity in age, gender and ethnic backgrounds. The clubrooms are open 7 days of each week and one evening. Specialist interest groups exist for woodcarving, beginner’s classes, woodturning, box making, toys and musical instruments. The club has a number of artists who incorporate wood within their final products.

the course of a year there are about 4,000 member visits to the club. While almost 60% of the visits are involved in doing wood work projects, just over 40% are for social reasons. That is to have a coffee and a chat, to attend an interest group meeting or monthly members meeting or to.

Members Welfare and Community Involvement

Members Welfare within the club has always been seen as very important. Strong OH&S procedures have been established for the use of equipment. This ensures that members can use all the equipment available in such a way that their safety and the safety of others are not compromised.

However we also see that 40% of all visits are for social reasons. So more action needs to be taken to ensure there are no safety issues for these members. Improving the air quality within the workshop is the most important project that the club needs to action. Monthly Club meetings are held with a range of outside speakers with topics sometimes relating to woodwork but often on general topics such as Safe Driving, Surviving Cancer, and First-aid.

There is a high emphasis on engaging with the local community and the members who do this gain great personal satisfaction. Some members make toys for kindergartens. Each year over 300 toys are donated to local Kindergartens.


We are regularly asked to assist in the clean out of workshops for aged residents. This is usually a difficult time for families as they move forward, either because of a bereavement, someone moving to a nursing home or a downsizing. We assist the family by helping clear out the workshop.The result being:-

  • Some tools are added to our workshop for club members to use
  • Selling of unwanted tools to members to raise funds for the club.
  • Donating tools to other organizations.

The club has a significant number of members who now live alone. For these members the club is able to offer a place for social interaction, a place to do more with their own hobby, a place to contribute back to the community through participation in club activities. While maintaining personal confidentiality, the club actively supports members who are sick, socially isolated or going through difficult personal times.

The club interacts with the local community with two Open House events each year. The public are welcomed into the club to see samples of what members make and to watch demonstrations. We also attend two or three local community events each year. A number of members have made musical instruments and the club was invited to have members play at the Oakleigh Music Festival.

The club participates in the Positive Ageing lifestyles Program and members give talks to residents of retirement Homes.

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